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Knowing that this world is a luxury, you must be grateful to God for blessing you with a human life. ARV UP \! Do as much charity and as much penance as you can. That is your passport to the other world.

"R]m RYm NnYWu Y]Yo S Y \kU"

This world does not accommodate the poor, and the spiritual world does not entertain those who lack Divine Grace. Ts CpXod CqXLm CpX As CpXod AqXLm CpX.

Earn. Work. Be with your family. Do charity in some way, may be sharing your knowledge, serving others, do anything you can. This will help your sojourn in the other world. Give without hoarding. Knowledge is the greatest legacy you can pass on to your children. Nu\u BdRp RkRd LP]! Your children will not know the pleasure of hard work if you bequeath them wealth. Guide them on the path of devotion; teach them good manners. Let them grow up on the strengths of the virtues you impart to them. Meanwhile, do charity and you will have a smooth passage to the other world. But beware! In the name of charity, do not give away your wealth to undeserving persons. Donate to worthy persons. TjWm Akj fN C. You will get good harvest, only when you sow your seeds on fertile soil. RXt RkR Ts GpXm RdLo Y[uU NnRol Th.

Charity is not restricted to wealth alone. Charity can be rendered through any means; it can be the sharing of knowledge or medical services, distribution of food. In ancient days, generous persons constructed 'chowltries' (chathirams; rest houses) to shelter and feed weary and hungry pilgrims. It was considered a blessing to be able to distribute food to yatris (pilgrims).

Kaalamega Pulavar, on one of his pilgrimages, knocked at the doors of Kaathan Chathiram, near Nagapattinam. The caretaker was a lazy and cunning fellow who did not understand the noble purpose of the rest-house. The poet-pilgrim never got food on time; if he asked for supper, what he got was breakfast the next day morning. Frustrated, the poet wrote on the walls with charcoal:

Ljd LPp r SL LjRu NjWjp,

AvRdm Tp A Ym, j EXP Fo APem

Au]m CXP Ys Gm!

In the Kaathan Chathiram at Nagapattinam that is cradled by the waves, grains are available for cooking at sunset. The town would have slept by the time it is placed on the oven and the morning star would have risen by the time it is placed on the plate. This can also be interpreted thus: 'Food is available even at night-time; the food offered fills your empty stomach, and whatever be the time you visit, you will be served food hot from the oven'. This is the mark of a good rest-house; food is available anytime and available hot, and is served with affection.

Wealth, if not used for good purposes, is equivalent to a toxic tree that poisons air. SfNlTPRYu NpYm Sq Fp SfUWm TRt. When a noble person gains some wealth, he immediately uses it to uplift the needy, like a well that gives water to everyone. And it must be rendered on time. Water quenches thirst, but what is the use of fetching water after someone collapses from thirst? LXj]o NnR Su Rm OXju U]l T . Timely service, small though it be, is greater in value than the Earth, itself.

Therfore, the first step towards self-realization is: understanding that worldly possessions are false. Next step is: knowing that God is the only immutable power and He is our only refuge. And subsequently embark on the voyage towards the Ocean of Blisscalled God. Do charity while you are prosperous. Perform poojas and sing the Lord's praises.

You maintain a separate travel kit containing your toiletries, maybe a toothpaste sachet, sample soap, a small comb and so on, to use during your travel, don't you? You have made ready everything that is required for your short-distance travels in this world. Have you prepared yourself for the long-distance travel beyond? When you start thinking thus, you will realize that nothing belongs to you, and start scoring victories in your quest, victory in terms of knowledge of Truth. Then you will be able to distinguish Truth from deception. When the Lord of Death comes to take possession of you, none gives you company. GUu Ym Y[p Rm R]Vo QVU? But the world does not understand this Truth.

On one of his visits to Vishnu loka, Narada found Vishnu (Lord Narayana) in solitude. He asked the Lord, 'I thought you would be very busy; but you seem to be relaxing', to which Narayana laughed in jest, 'Well, no one seems to have time for me in this Kali yuga; people are engrossed in the luxuries of the world'. Narada refused to believe this. So Narayana said that if Narada could find a person willing to come to Deva loka (Paradise), He would permit such a person without any test. Narada apprised every person who seemed a devotee of the good news that the Lord had consented to grant free entry. But to his amazement, he did not find any single mortal prepared to accept his invitation. Narada finally located one person who was prepared to accompany him, but only after his son got married. Narada went to him again after the marriage was over, and the old man wanted to play with his grandchildren before departing from Earth. This went on, till the day came for the person's natural death. The man's attachment towards his family caused him to take birth as a dog in the same house. Narada told the person, 'If you had heeded my words, you would have been blessed by Narayana's company. Now you have taken birth as a dog! To which the man replied, 'I am guarding my son's house'. The grandchild pelted a stone at the dog but the grandfather tolerated this, saying, 'after all, it was my grandson who hit me'. Narada decided that his wait for the man was fruitless. Meanwhile the man's wife also took birth as a dog in the same house. Narada approached her and asked her if she was ready to come with him to heaven. Before she could say 'yes', a few dogs chased her and she seemed to relish the chase much better than Heaven!!

This is the state of affairs in society today. People pursue perishable commodities. Just like the dog gnaws at a bone, unaware that the taste is caused by its bleeding jaws, so too, people do not realize that what they think as the pleasures of this world, are, in fact, pain.

Pattinathar laments, Rn RP Gu\u. RWm RP Gu\u. R]Vu RP Gu\u. C Gu NnLu, Gu NnLu?

That is why Arunagirinathar says, 'Never again will I lose myself in the pleasures of accumulating property, women and gold'. ALm, U, UPkR Gu\ YNp UVe Y]? A snake swallowed a frog. Not realizing that it was imprisoned in a serpent's jaws, the frog was trying to trap a fly. Similarly, not knowing that our end is near, we try hard to hoard material possessions, and fritter away our precious lives.

If God seals you with your expiry date, like how medicines have an expiration date stamped on them, you will not get caught in illusions, will you? (Laughs). Persons imagine that they are destined to live for 100 years and that early death is only for others. Death can occur at any second. That is why wise men declare, 'I wasted my life in worldly pursuits, and did not make a single garland for the Lord of Thirutthani, the Lord of Wisdom.' EmTo TWm RL UX Up ClTod mTdPX GdLUp AYX Yt\ Y[olTRtL Apm TLm AXu\YRXp YdLVf NW Lաu\u.

He who knows that the world is an illusion, seeks the 'Maamaayan'
(One who is beyond illusion). 'Maamaayan' means the One beyond everything. Till you realize this, you will continue hankering after status and wealth. You are prepared to fall at the feet of politicians for your material elevation, but you consider it below your dignity to prostrate in front of the Lord! This is the sad state of the present day society.

Buddha said, 'This world is false. This world is filled with miseries'.

XLm uVUVm. XLm uVUVm.

And you must remember that he knew the contrast much better; his journey from Siddhartha who revelled in worldly pleasures to Gautama Buddha, the Enlightened One; a single visit out of his palace revealed to him that age, disease and the resulting peevishness are a result of man's ignorance.

King Yayati married Sage Sukracharya's daughter. And he also involved himself with the lady's maid. Sukracharya, infuriated by his son-in-law's immorality, cursed him to turn old. The King begged for mercy, and the sage told him that the curse could not be revoked, but the king could request the princes to exchange his old age for youth. The king thus obtained fresh leases of life from his sons. After several years of revelling in worldly pleasures, Yayati realized that the only way to get out of his desires was to drop them.

Desires do not vanish on their own accord. You must take the effort to free yourself from desires. It is you who are attached to the world, not the other way around. At\ Tt\p Et\ . When you become aware that the world is transient, you will seek the Only Eternal Being, God. When you reach that state, you will learn the three ways of protecting your mind from disturbances as elucidated by Arunagirinatha, 'O Mind! Here are the three ways of safeguarding yourself from the onslaught of desires.

1. Give without hoarding - LWY CYn.

Do charity in some way, may be sharing your knowledge, serving others, anything you can. The fragrance of a flower remains in the hands of the one who has held it, even after it is discarded. You will find joy in giving, regardless of whether the recipient has felt the happiness or not.

Koti Mahaan, a Saint who was in a position to give anything to the seeker, used this simple way to liberate persons from their ignorance. If someone told him, 'You are God; only you can free us from our miseries', the Saint would smilingly take whatever money the person had with him, or confiscate the person's watch. Kotiswami had no need for any of these worldly trivialities. This was his way of impressing upon you, your dishonesty. And if persons tried to outwit the Saint by leaving their possessions in the gate and then deliver the same dialogue to Koti Mahaan, the saint would flash an innocent smile, and pick up their possessions from wherever they had left them. I am narrating you this to make you understand how dishonest persons are, with themselves. The world is very illusory.


2. Contemplate, always, on the Lotus Feet of the Lord - YYp CRr ]Yn ]Yn.

Whatever you do, have your thoughts focussed on the Lord, in any form you like, be it Perumal or Siva or Muruga. Have the Lord in your thoughts always. Sip coffee assuming that the Lord is sipping it from within you. When you bathe, imagine that you are performing abhishekam to the Lord. Dress well, knowing that you are adorning the Lord. When you eat, consider it as neivedyam to the Lord. Seek God within.


3. Know that the Lord is the Doer, you are His chosen instrument - Yn Yn ] VYU.

When you perform charity, it is possible that at one stage, you become conceited. To avoid this, remind yourself that you are the custodian of God's money; it does not belong to you. God has entrusted you with His wealth, so that you may perform more charity and therefore accumulate virtues on your way.'

When you diligently work on these three factors, what does God do? Arunagirinathar says, 'I must neither remember you, nor forget you. It is only when you forget that you have to remind yourself of His Presence. So, Muruga, place your Lotus Feet in the lotus blossom of my heart.' LR U\Y S LQ Eu CRr Y]_m RW GuNYV! V] U]X AVo AWkRm AmYR! Footprints are visible only on soft earth but will they be visible on a cemented surface? Only if your heart is mellowed, will the Lord's Footprints be visible on it. How will God present Himself on hard surface? Azhwar sings, 'O Lord! Let my heart mellow with constant thoughts of you!' B B ALeZk U]m S S SWeL G]. Arunagirinathar states that the reason for his Kandar Anubhuthi verses are, 'so that my stone-hard heart may mellow'. SgNd LQdLp Srk EL. Why should the stone-surface mellow? Only when the surface is soft will the Lord's Footprints be visible.

When you contemplate on all these factors and try to do good in the best way possible, you will know that since there is no way to discard this physical form that has been ordained by the Lord, it is better to start seeking the Lord within. And when you start looking within, you will start imbibing divine qualities. You start becoming Divine. Till then you are 'half man, half beast' (Baba smilingly hums the lines 'Manithan paadhi, Mirugam paadhi' from Alavandhan movie) When you start doing good, you are in the process of becoming divine. And when you comprehend that you are God, you will never stoop down in life. Ru]VV R]dL RrpX.

Why must you know yourself? So that you understand that you are not this physical form that you assume yourself to be; you are an aspect of the Divine. And then you will accept the bouquets and brickbats handed down to you, with equanimity, because you know that it is the God within you who is receiving them. If someone garlands you, he or she is garlanding the Lord within you. If someone ridicules you, he or she is ridiculing the Lord within you. Surrender everything that happens to you, to the Lord within. This is the state of self-realization. When you attain this state, there is nothing you have to do. Arunagirinathar sings, 'Grant me that I may understand that You and I are one' Y G]dm Su Y G]dm TYRm AsYV! Then you will be in constant bliss. And to reach this state, you must overcome the barriers of worldly attachments. When you try to cross this hurdle, God Himself will guide you. Till you attempt to free yourself from these worldly fetters, God will be a silent spectator.


There is only one difference between an Agnaani (ignorant person) and a Meignaani (realized person). An agnaani's soul watches in silent amusement, the person fooling himself with the bodily illusions of this world. When someone realizes that this physical form and the world it is attached to, are false, then this physical form starts enjoying the bliss of the Supreme Soul within.


NWju bxPL[ BjU WjdLilT AdOu EPp. BjUu NujLWjR, ARu lWTYjR NWm YdL TojdLidm Ou Epp!


Siva Shankar Baba is happy always, in a constant state of ecstasy, because he has become a Gnaani (realized person) by God's Grace. I can bring forth any Divine Aspect from within Me, because the physical form is able to visualize that aspect of Divinity as the soul guides it. I am seeing with my physical eyes, everything that goes on at the soul level. I am able to visualize Muruga dancing on His Golden Peacock.

If you want this to happen to you, overcome your attachment to your physical form during your lifetime. Learn to see the Light within. Familiarize yourself with the sound vibrations within you and you will attain that bliss. Then nothing in the world can affect you. No one can disturb your poise. You have comprehended God's presence within you. And He will start performing for you. You can extend this to help anyone who seeks your help. That is how it happens to me. I have realized God within, and so He attends to every task of mine. He knows what is needed for me.

You have come to me, because of your faith in my Divinity. I tell God within me, 'These persons have come to me with faith. Please take care of them'. If prayers are powerful enough to ignite the power from within an idol, how much more powerful a human form can be! Pamban Swamigal vows, Gu] Lm Gu] Sm]W LPp! He means to say, 'Even if you let me down, do not let down those who have come with the faith that I am You'. This is the thinking pattern and living philosophy of a Gnaani. It is possible for you too to attain this state. You only need to set out on your quest for Truth, then results start happening. That is what Jesus means by saying,

Ask and you shall receive

Knock and the doors shall open

Seek and you shall attain.

Unfortunately, persons are asking for or seeking worldly trinkets. It is difficult for you to believe me when I say you are seated on water. But dig the ground and you will find water at some depth underground; continue digging, you will hit oil, and if you dig deeper you may strike gold. If your search is true, you will truly find what you are searching for. If your search is for Truth, you will attain Truth. RY EiUVp EiUp A Pdm. To strike gold, you will have to dig deep. You know that Pillaiyar (Lord Vinayaka) is one form that can be moulded into any substance, be it clay or turmeric or gold. I have dug deep within me, and I have become a gold Pillaiyar. Let us assume you are not able to put in as much effort as I did. Dig till you hit clay at least. I will then be able to mould a clay Pillaiyar of you. And you will be worshipped on Vinayaka Chathurthi day! It does not really matter if you are not yet able to become a gold Pillaiyar. If you nurture the drive to become at least a clay Pillaiyar, you will become a Pillaiyar. And you know that Pillaiyar is the principal deity; all prayers are directed to Him first. So it will be worth your while! This is what spirituality is all about. But, you must initiate that thought.

Quotations by Baba

  • Renunciation is neither accumulating anything nor renouncing anything. It is living the life that God has destined upon you with equanimity of mind, always fixing your thoughts on the lotus feet of the Lord. You should have everything but not want anything!
  • Dont follow anyone. Learn from everyone!
  •  If you want to live totally, leave totally. If you want to live totally, love totally.
  • Love for loves sake. Love God for Gods sake.
  • How can you hate, when you know how to love?
  • Know God, know peace. No God, no peace.
  • A true devotee of God will face tests but never failures.
  • If you are good, God will come to you. Good and God are synonymous. If you place one step towards Me, I will place a hundred steps towards you.
  • God is concerned about values. He likes people who serve without any expectations. He likes people who love.
  • Nothing is good, nothing is bad. Nothing is sin, nobody is sinner.
  • There is only one yardstick you should follow. Your search for truth should not hurt others.
  • The three words beginning with I Innocence, Involvement, Intelligence. If you have even one of these three qualities, then you become a V.I.P. in Samratchana. If you are innocent, I will mould you. If you are involved, I will forgive your mistakes and fallacies. If you are intelligent, I will respect you.
  • Where science ends, Spirituality begins.
  • The Kingdom of Heaven is within you!
  • I will give you the best because, I am the Best!
  • You must try to hold on to the only imperishable thing in the coming years, that is Me. Only Me!
  • Whatever happens in your personal life, you should understand that you are only a witness and not a performer. When it comes to Gods work, you should know that you are a performer and that the world is going to be a witness to your performance.
  • Whatever you want from Me, dont expect it at your terms. I will give it only at My terms.
  • Hate the sin but not the sinner.
  • I am a very senior person in the Celestial World.
  • I am using the most unorthodox methods to elevate your soul.
  • If you waste these seconds, you will not get a second life.
  • Love is selflessness; self is lovelessness.
  • If you can do good to a majority of people, it is a good deed. If you harm even one person, then it is a bad deed.
  • If your heart starts melting, then your sins start melting.
  • I do not want any followers. I want you to understand My philosophies and apply it in your life.
  • You should hold on to Me. Then I will be with you even if you have to undergo your Karma.
  • Never follow anyone. Try to learn something from everyone. No sapling can grow under the shade of a banyan tree. If you want to become another banyan tree, come out of that tree.
  • We have no resource crunch because our source is the Lord Himself.
  • He should be our only want. We should not go to Him when we want something. For all other things we should say, We wont!
  • I will judge you by your failures, not by your success.
  • Samratchana is not only a joint family, it is also a giant family.
  • Samratchana is worlds envy; Gods pride!