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Kanchi Paramacharyar is a contemporary spiritualist from India who revived the Vedas. In his book, 'Deivathin Kural', he asserts the coming of a Divine force before the end of the 19th century.

In 1931, Paul Brunton asks Paramacharya, "There is darkness everywhere. People are suffering. There is no peace. Why does the Creator not come to redeem the world?" Paramacharya replied, "Before the turn of this century HE will appear. HE will look like an ordinary man in appearance. HE will be unable to bear the sight of suffering in the world and will tap the indwelling divine spirit in everyone."

"Do not blame people so much as the environments into which they are born. Their surroundings and circumstances force them to become worse than they really are. That is true of both the East and West. Society must be brought into tune with a higher note. Materialism must be balanced by idealism; there is no other real cure for the world's difficulties. The troubles into which countries are everywhere being plunged are really the agonies which will force this change, just as failure is frequently a sign-post pointing to another road."
Paul Brunton continues,
"You would like people to introduce spiritual principles into their worldly dealings, then?"
Paramacharya replies,
"Quite so. It is not impracticable, because it is the only way to bring about results which will satisfy everyone in the end, and which will not speedily disappear. And if there were more men who had found spiritual light in the world, it would spread more quickly. India, to its honour, supports and respects its spiritual men, though less so than in former times. If all the world were to do the same, and to take its guidance from men of spiritual vision, then all the world would soon find peace and grow prosperous."

As a confirmation that Paramacharya had alluded to Shri Siva Shankar Baba as 'The Redeemer' in his conversation with Paul Branton in 1931, he proclaimed,

"Siva Shankar is Maha Jyothi (Superior light)"

on seeing Shri Siva Shankar Baba in the year, 1984.