Shri Siva Shankar Baba's, 'Samratchana', a unique and novel approach towards love and universal brotherhood also faced the three stages of criticism, opposition, accceptance. In the initial days of creating the organization called, 'Samratchana', Baba faced many obstacles and hardships from the same society He was striving to uplift.

Undaunted in the face of criticism Baba continued His march forward, a one-man army, relying only on His own inner strength. Seeing the phenomenal growth of Samratchana at a pace that was no match for any human, the same forces that criticized Him, began opposing Him and thwarting His noble mission of uplifting the society and uniting people with the chord of love.

Yet, the love of the Lord is so great and His mercy infinite that Baba, resurrected Samratchana once more and continued His mission of serving the society. With the power of goodness and truth by His side, Baba's organization has grown manyfold and provides various opportunities that the society can benefit upon.

The work of God continues unmindful of criticism, opposition or acceptance.

More and more people have come to know the power of Baba, The One who has come to resurrect the world in this Kali Yuga. Here are views of those who have visited Samratchana and experienced Baba's love and grace.