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'Samratchana' means Total Protection.
The path to self-realization is depicted in the logo of Samratchana.
"Saranam Abayam Aiswaryam"
(Prostration Protection Prosperity)

The symbol in the logo illustrates this Truth.
At the base is a red, 8-petalled Lotus flower. The feet of the Lord rests on this Lotus flower. The Lord resides in the lotus blossom of a Yogi, whose heart is mellowed with love. ‘Yogi hridh padma vasinae’

Above it is My hand. If you steadfastly hold on to the Lord’s feet ‘Saranam’ (Surrender), I will offer you ‘Abayam’ (Protection). The palms of My hands are imprinted with Divine symbols namely, the Lance of Lord Muruga, Lord Rama's bow and arrow, the Conch and Chakra of Lord Krishna, the Trident, the Mazhu of Lord Siva and all the 10 symbols signifying the 10 Incarnations of God -- proof that The Divine is manifest in Me.


For the total trust you place in Me, I will bestow upon you all the 8 forms of wealth - Ashta Aiswaryam (health, wealth, strength, wisdom, courage, food, heritage, knowledge), indicated by the 8-petalled Lotus flower.


If you deserve it, I will even grant you 'Moksham' (Liberation), indicated by the Jyothi (Light) surrounding the hand.


Listen to a Samratchana Song that asserts this Truth

Samratchana for self-realization

The day commences with the chanting of 'Aditya Hrudyam' and 'Sudersanashtagam' by devotees. Baba then performs "Nithya Homam" (Daily Homam) for prosperity in the world. During this Homam he has established through photographs, that all celestial forms like Shiva, Narayana, Jesus, Shakthi, Rama, Skanda, Ganesha and others appear by virtue of which it is proved that the Celestial beings accept the offering of the Homam by Baba and also grace the people attending it.

After the Homam, Baba begins his Counseling sessions on weekends around 10.00AM. Thousands of people visit Samratchana and it takes almost 6:00PM for the sessions to end, after he has met everyone. During this counseling session he gives "Spiritual Counseling" to the grieved and needy. He listens to the plea of every person with patience and blesses them. It is said in various Nadi predictions on Baba that the moment His eyes fall on a person, all his Karma will vanish; the moment He touches a person all his ailments will disappear. He cures various ailments such as cancer, asthma and even those that are declared incurable by doctors!

He does not accept any reward for his service, not even flowers or fruit - just total unconditional faith in the Father. He does not distinguish between caste, creed, age, gender and economy and treats everyone alike, with the same unconditional love.

Around 7:00PM, devotees gather for a Sathsang or Spiritual Gathering at Samratchana that continues till 12.00am. Bhajans are sung in praise of the Lord. This is followed by a question and answer session where seekers raise questions to Baba and Baba clarifies them. Various learned persons and scholars also give discourses and lectures.

Baba goes into higher levels of meditation during Bhajans and in a state of ecstacy, he dances revealing Celestial mudras. When Baba dances, his feet do not touch the ground and therefore no sound is produced. Yet another proof of His divinity!

The day ends by performing Harathi to Baba. Several celestial forms have appeared in the Harathi fire performed on Baba, asserting the fact that even Gods come and pay obsciences to Baba. Baba, an aspect of Lord Venkateshwara is then gently put to sleep during the 'Oonjal sevai' (gently swaying the Lord to sleep, with the Lord seated in a swing). Sweet dishes are distributed at this time.

With his divine love and by setting an example himself, He being the first volunteer of Samratchana, he has brought about awakening among the youngsters. Committed youth volunteers offer their services at Samratchana. Unlike other spiritual institutions, you will find Samratchana flooded with youngsters coming to achieve great heights in spirituality by serving humanity. After their school, colleges and office hours they come to Samratchana to offer their possible services. They do all kinds of jobs right from polishing shoes of the devotees and cleaning and serving prasadam. Such service without any expectations is itself a penance and this raises them to greater heights in Spirituality.

The footwear of every person is collected, polished and returned back free of cost. Volunteers do this with great care and love as they look upon everyone who come to Samratchana as Divine.