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Social Activities

Service to Mankind is service to God. Samratchana focusses on solving the material needs of man, thereby enabling them to aspire for the Spiritual. In the paradise, "Samratchana" you can find an enthusiastic crowd, specially consisting of youngsters working selflessly for the society.

Samratchana-A Silent Revolution

In this current day world where money rules the roost and the end justifies the means, there is a silent revolution happening at Chennai South India to make the world the paradise it once was.

Understanding that lack of material resources and lack of direction has led the youth into wrong channels, Samratchana, the center for self-realization offers various facilities to cater to the needs of people to make them healthier, self-sufficient leaders. Samratchana resolves the fundamental problems of unemployment and insecurity that today's youth face, by providing knowledge resources free of cost, thus giving them self-esteem and ways to make their living. And in present day society where both parents work to make ends meet, the youth who feel abandoned, find a caring shoulder to rest their troubled minds and distracted hearts in Siva Shankar Baba, the master architect of Samratchana.

Samratchana has successfully eliminated the need for money as a resource. Volunteers who have understood Baba's concept of Universal Love and the whole world being one family render the various services. And youth who benefit from Samratchana form more than seventy five percent of the volunteer unit.

Facilities in Samratchana:

Some of the facilities that are offered are:

 Free food distribution to all those who step into Samratchana.

 A free medical cell

  • diagnoses the health problems of people and gives medicines based on the diagnosis.
  • Free samples of medicines contributed by public charitable organizations.
  • free medical camps - for blood donation, diabetes, heart troubles, dental, eye camps etc. conducted at periodic intervals.
  • Spectacles are given free of cost
  • Offers treatment through various medicinal systems as suits patients, - allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic, siddha, nature cure and pranic healing
Free Legal cell

A team of distinguished advocates gives free consultation to the legal problems faced by the general public. For economically weaker people, our advocates handle cases free of cost.

  • operates during the weekend
  • offers legal counselling
  • Wherever necessary offers legal support for devotees in the court
Hardware Software Computer Courses
  • Both technological and non-technological of Information Technology Industry covered
  • High-end education at extremely nominal fees
  • Hardware maintenance and assembling
  • Guest lectures by professionals from leading IT industries
  • Real time projects given to students to keep them in pace with current and forthcoming technologies
  • Students well placed in many reputed companies and performing well to the expectations of their firms
Sponsorship provided for
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Foreign Trade management
  • Personality development
  • International Banking courses (in association with Institute of Mgmt. for 10 students every year, employment opportunities provided to students)
Free Screen Printing
  • help people find a career in the printing line

Free Training in DTP, Letter Press and Colour Scanning

Free Tailoring, Embroidery, textile painting classes

After the course employment opportunities like stitching uniform for schools, hospitals and factory units are provided to the students by various export garment units.

Free Type-writing and Shorthand classes

Typewriting and shorthand classes (both English & Tamil) are conducted free of cost here. The institute is registered with Director-Technical Board to sponsor the students who are eligible for the Technical Board Examinations.

   Free Training on foreign languages
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spoken English
  • vernacular languages
  • facilitates easier native and intercontinental communication
Free Tuition classes
  • coach students who require extra coaching for all subjects
  • up to Masters' degree level with various specializations
Free Journalism class
  • lectures from leading journalists
  • brings out people's creativity and skills of expression

Reiki Meditation and Yoga

Where it is considered fashionable in the outside world to attend Reiki Meditation & Yoga classes by paying Rs.2000 to Rs 5000 for 2 days, the same classes are taught in Samratchana at no charge at all. Individual attention is paid to each and every student.

Karate Class

Free Karate classes are conducted at Samratchana by Karate master Mr. Rajendran (a third degree black belt holder) 2 days a week.

Summer Camp Course

During summer vacation a 3week program consisting of a set of topics compiled from vedic era till date is organized and a series of lectures are given by eminent personalities. This camp also includes pilgrim tours, temple maintenance project etc. The uniqueness of the course is that preaching from all the religions is included.

Veda Classes

Every evening, Pancha sukhtam, Vishnu Sahasranamam and Lalitha Sahasranamam are taught for men and women with out any caste discrimination, the only condition being that the students should be vegetarians.

Animation/Cartoon Classes

The first ever institute in Tamil Nadu for teaching Animation/Cartoon is being pioneered here. Coaching is given for cartoon drawing and production of educational cartoon films on the lines of Walt Disney.

  • nurtures incredible creativity
  • uses state of the art technology
  • interested persons can find a scope to tap their creative skills

Free Wedding

Samratchana conducts weddings free for people belonging to the economically weaker section. Wedding Hall, Food for around 200 people, Mangalsutra & even the wedding costumes are provided free for the couple.

Apart from these functions like Sashtiapthapurthi, Seemantham and Upanayanam are also conducted free.

Eradication Of Dowry

A computerized data-bank is maintained of persons who want suitable partners without giving or taking dowry and the information is passed on to prospective brides and grooms.

Computer Software And Hardware

Various software and hardware diploma and crash courses are offered with one-sixth the fees in other institutions. Placements are given to deserving candidates. For outstation students, free accommodation and food is provided.