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Spiritual Activities

"Lalitha Sahasranama Pooja" is conducted in Samratchana every Friday. They are given the Sri Chakra and all other items for performing the Pooja, free of cost. Many women who have performed the Pooja have declared that they have been benefited by it.

Thoughts are the cause for all the joys and sorrow in the world.  "Sathya Narayana Pooja" is performed every full moon day for mental peace and calmness of mind.

Homams and Yagnas such as, Sudarshana Homam, Pratyankara Yagna, Agora Veerabhadra Swami Yagna. are performed everyday for peace and prosperity in the world.

Samratchana engages its-self in multi-facet activities and one such activity is the promotion and creation of avenues for practice of various kinds of arts. This is with particular reference to enhance human values and kindling interest in individual for the realization of self. Samratchana family believes that Satsangs (good company) can go a long way in molding a person. One of the conventional forms of Satsangs is the Bhajans and Bhagavata Melas. With a view to give a face-lift to such Bhagavatas and Bhajan groups, Samratchana has enumerated a program under the caption Bhagavata Mela that is arranged during the forenoon on all Sundays. Experienced persons are invited to render programs. More than scores of programs have been conducted to benefit the visitors.

Shedding ego is a vital to spiritual advancement. With a view to promoting universal brotherhood, Samratchana organizes PadaYatras (Processions) on auspicious days. Processions are conducted on NewYear day, Thai Poosam, Kandha Sashti, Makara Jothi, birth anniversaries of great Sages like Kanchi Paramachariar, Koti Mahaan, Satya Sai Baba and Paramacharyar. People from all walks of life irrespective of creed, gender and religion, participate. It has been an overwhelming success for Samratchana in conducting such PadaYatras for the simple reason that there is no condition at all. Everyone is free to participate in the procession.

There is no discrimination between Mahaans. All Mahaans are one. Moreover, Mahaans sacrifice their lives for sake of the society but the society either does not recognize them or ill-treats them. In order to establish this culture, in Samratchana, birth Anniversaries of all Mahaans like Paramachariar, Sathya Sai Baba, Raghavendra Swamy, Muhammad Nabi etc. are celebrated. On these days Baba gives discourses on their life and their preaching.

Religions are just different paths to reach the same God! Love is the only factor that can bind people all over the world. On this basis, festivals of all religions are celebrated in Samratchana.

Free Veda Classes are held at Samratchana. Also, every evening, Pancha sukhtam, Vishnu Sahasranamam and Lalitha sahasranamam are taught for men and women with out any caste discrimination, the only condition being that, the students should be vegetarians while learning them.

Samratchana also provides a free auditorium for people to stage dramas of religious or historic significance.