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"SAMRATCHANA" is the Self-realization center initiated by Siddha Yogi Shri Siva Shankar Baba for the Spiritual upliftment of humanity towards the ultimate Truth and is located in Chennai, India.

His, is a non-profit organization which caters not only to the soul but to the body and mind as well through His various projects: RamaRajya Community Living, Rural Development, SushilHari International Residential School, Health Care Facilities, Vocational Training, and others, each of which is a "paradigm" in its own field, serving millions of people all over the world, enabling them to live a life of quality, meaning and purpose.

His life is His message. All of His projects reflect HIS Message,
"Renunciation is neither adding anything nor leaving anything. It is living the life that God has destined upon you, with equanimity of mind, always fixing your thoughts on the Lotus Feet of the Lord."

All are welcome to visit the "Paradise on Earth" where, Truth, Love and Wisdom reign supreme and experience Shri Siva Shankar Baba's Community Living concept, the International Residential School, Health Care Facility and Rural development programs.
No fees or donations accepted in any form.

For Questions related to various projects undertaken by Samratchana:

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"Rama Rajya"
"Maha Jyothi Nilayam"
Kelambakkam - Vandalur Road
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