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Want as your email ID? 

We offer POP and Mail forwarding services at a nominal subscription of $10 (Rs. 300 for people in India) per year. Subscribers can always access their email accounts using the web email services that come for free. There is no limit mail box space.

Along with the email account, subscribers also get 10MB web space free with their own ftp account to upload web pages, photos etc.

The portal also provides private and public chat rooms and a forum to post and share messages.


Please mail to apply for an account stating the following

1. Name
2. Type of account:  POP email/Mail forwarding
3. Current email ID
4. Desired email ID at
5. Country of residence
6. Payment type: Paypal/Check

Please scroll to the bottom and select appropriate links to set up POP email in Eudora and Outlook Express 6.

Payment Instructions

Subscribers in India
Subscribers in Chennai can send cheque for Rs. 300/- as annual subscription  in favour of  SAMRATCHANA TRUST to 

Samratchana Trust
Sree Rama Rajya
Off Kelambakkam Vandalur Road
Kelambakkam 603103
Tamil Nadu, India.

Subscribers outside of Chennai can send the subscription amount of Rs. 300/- in the form of Demand Draft in favour of SAMRATCHANA TRUST drawn on any Nationalized Bank in Chennai.

Also please including a covering letter in the format given here irrespective of the mode of payment.

Subscribers outside of India

All subscribers outside of India will be contacted by email for the payment through paypal. Subscribers  can subscribe to the email service by paying US $10.00 as annual subscription.  Personal Paypal accounts can be set up at Paypal payment is available in all these countries.

POP Mail Setup

Please click on links below to download Email Clients and set up your POP email account.
Eudora Setup ] Outlook Express Setup ]

For questions regarding your subscription, please email