POP mail Setup for Eudora


1. Download Eudora

2. Install Eudora by double clicking on the downloaded file.

3. After installation, open Eudora.

4. Go to Tools Menu and click on the Options. You will see the following window. Incoming mail server name is mail.samratchana.com.  A list of SMTP servers of popular ISPs in India can be found here. 

If you dont find your ISP in the list, please contact your ISP for the outgoing SMTP server name.

Click on Getting Started Tab. The above screen shows an example email account. Please enter details in the appropriate boxes pertaining to your email account following the above example. Do not click OK now.

5. Click on Checking Mail tab and enter your particulars as shown below. Do not click OK.

6. Click on Incoming Mail tab. You can leave the default setting as they are or change them in this window. Do not click OK.

7. Click on Sending Mail tab. The window below shows an example. Please enter your email account details in the respective boxes. Please check with your ISP what its SMTP server is and enter it accordingly. You can click OK now.


Congratulations! You have set up your POP mail.

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