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             Rama Rajya - The reign of Truth

'Rama Rajya' is not just a resort;
It is the last resort to the Spiritual seeker!
- Siddha Yogi Shri Siva Shankar Baba

What is the purpose behind setting up a commune at Kelambakkam? - Baba's answer

How nice it would be if the whole world comes together as one happy family, if we could all keep sharing all the things we have - what joy, what peace, what contentment! The community living or universal family concept has been devised by Baba with an aim to bring the whole world under one roof, where people forget differences, live in amity and friendship, treating everyone as their own kith and kin. This is the only way to resolve the conflicts that we as human beings are facing today, to motivate us to realize that there is no point in quarrelling amongst ourselves, for we are brothers and sisters, we are the children of God.

The Community living centre established at Kelambakkam, near Chennai is well set amidst picturesque settings, where the heart of nature abounds in its beauty. It is situated around 2 miles interior of Kelambakkam main road en route Mahabalipuram. Name any comfort and you have got it here. The land is a sprawling 8 acres. There are 6 blocks of 8 living flats each of around 450 sq. feet area. The centre includes a common kitchen, dining room, gym with latest equipment, meditation hall - all aimed at reducing the individual work load, bring in the concept of sharing and concentration on the development of body, mind and reaching across to the inner self.

The members of this universal family colony get milk from the cows there. There are numerous trees, gardens with various kinds of flowers - a real sight for the eyes, with greenery all around. Here one wakes up to the tender call of the morning birds starting out for their work. Sculptures depicting various God forms like Ganesha, Anjaneya, Muruga, Rama with Lakshmana, Sita and Anjaneya, Venkatachalapathy, Vishnu Durga, Jesus Christ, Buddha and Mosque are in abundance here with parks sit outs apart from what are part of the apartments themselves.

One walks through a natural pathway with greenery on either side tempting the onlooker to keep walking, walking, walking for when we are in communion with nature; we are walking with the Lord, aren't we?

The inhabitants live as a big family sharing the love, peace, contentment and selflessness that they have inculcated from Baba. For them, as for any other Samratchanite, Baba is the head of the family; he is adored and respected for the selfless love that he exudes. There is no difference of opinion amongst these members as they have realized that they are the first set of role models in Baba's dream mission of making the world realize that it is one large family.

The sylvan settings of the surroundings full of nature's spread of wealth tempts one to recite aloud the words of John Dyer, British Poet:

'Ever charming, ever new,
When will the landscape tire the view?'
- Poet, John Dyer

Well, if this is not paradise regained, what else is?