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Center for Care of Aged Patients

Praveena Hospital, Center for Care of Aged Patients planned in the hospital and request your referring such patients to our hospital for recuperation under proper medical supervision.

Siddhayogi Siva Shankar Baba, as a part of his service to the community, has established Praveena Hospital, a 4 crore charitable Hospital project with a minimum facility of 140 rooms and 150 beds, modern operating theatres and laboratory facilities.

The hospital is designed and created to be more like a HEALTH RESORT, with beautiful landscapes, swimming pool, Gym, Billiards, Table tennis and other indoor games, Home theatre, play areas, children parks, Business center with Secretarial, audit, legal, managerial and internet services, beauty parlours for gents and ladies, prayer room, medical shop, canteen and coffee shop, etc. In such a congenial atmosphere, we envisage that the patients will recuperate faster than in the city hospital atmosphere; regain their lost strength, stature and confidence.

As a service to the aged patients, we plan to establish a Center for Care of Aged Patients and offer them the following facilities:

  • 24 hr nursing care.
  • 24 hr medical care.
  • Diet prescribed and supervised by a qualified dietician.
  • Full access to the recreational facilities in the premises like the Home theatre, Indoor games, library, besides walks winding around beautiful landscapes and gardens.

The charges for this service will be Rs. 6000 per month per patient.

The medicines administered, Specialist consultations required and investigations carried out if any; laundry and telephone services will be extra, charged at actuals.

May we request your referring your patients to our HEALTH RESORT and give them an opportunity to recuperate fast and resume their normal living. We welcome your suggestions to improve this service to the Aged to make our services more useful to them.

We solicit your valuable patronage.