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Human beings revolt against anything that is forced on them. Children are born intelligent, but when parents and teachers force them to study, their system revolts. Yet, only their performance in studies determines their livelihood. This can be achieved by inculcating in them the love for studies akin to their natural interest in sports.

We have introduced a new education plan. But with a difference!
Your child need not rush to catch the van in the morning. Shri Siva Shankar Baba has created a Paradise at Kelambakkam. Your children will stay there, wake up in the morning to the music of the birds and nature's motherly touch, partake of,

Food for the body

Food cooked in hygienic environment by volunteers
Exercise at our well-equipped Gym and Swimming pool.
Yoga and Reiki courses free of cost

Food for the mind Hi-tech science centre and well-equipped Computer Lab with Browsing and Video-conferencing facilities

Food for the soul Daily Yagnas, prayers at the Temple, Church, Mosque, Buddha Vihar, Jain temple

Classrooms are air-conditioned. Much care is invested in the children to the meticulous extent of attached toilets in each classroom. They will also have lot of spare time to play at our vast playground. The latent potential in each student will be tapped - gently but firmly, nurturing love for studies in in a natural way. Our aim is to make children totally able, self-confident citizens.

Great Leap in education from Man-Making Education to God-Making Education

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Learn more about the inspiration behind Shri Siva Shankar Baba starting the school and His message to the leaders of tomorrow.

Students of this school are encouraged to love what they study, and not under duress of any exam or homework. SushilHari School attempts to manifest the best in your child with a highly interactive way of education with more of video presentations and field work instead of mere homework and examinations. The school children are strengthened with not just academic knowledge but become well-developed personalities, awakened to their hidden talents in arts: like music - both vocal and instrumental, dance, classical and western, yoga, the Vedas imparted to everyone without any distinction of caste or gender, meditation, swimming, sports and they are also trained in handling small electrical works, carpentry, masonry, routine banking and insurance transactions, which are required for practical day-to-day living.

This is part of SushilHari school's practical life (man-building) activities. Children are introduced to Sathsang (company of good persons). They come to understand that prayer is a means to express their love for God; and that God is not to be feared but to be loved. This is part of God-making activities.

And this school is not second home, as the popular adage goes, but is very much the first home itself! Wonder how? You will agree with this when you learn that the school is so meticulously planned; the classrooms have attached toilets. Makes you feel that Sushil Hari School does confer real parental care on your child, right from basic amenities that are requisite for your child. And that seems to be just the beginning of what the school has to offer!

The school is part of the 'Sree Rama Rajya' commune at Kelambakkam, set amidst the bountiful blessings of nature. The commune houses 300 families, has a common kitchen managed by volunteers that caters to the breakfast, lunch and dinner needs of the residents including the hostel children, at a very nominal cost. The food is hygienic and nutritious.

There is a gym on the premises that helps the residents tone up their physique. And mental harmony is nurtured by free yoga classes and meditation in the serene meditation hall. In fact, the whole environment overflows with such blissful serenity not easily available in the outside world.

Dr. Jayalakshmi Jagannathan, Former Deputy Commissioner, KVS and Academic consultant, Central Board of Secondary Education puts it this way, 'A wonderful location, a calm and serene atmosphere. The school is ideally located for learning.'

A library nourishes those minds yearning to further their knowledge. There is a laboratory well-stocked with equipment to tap the ingenuity in each child. The School plans to establish a science centre to nurture the creativity of children. The Commune has its own theme parks, vegetable gardens, departmental store and post office. There is transport facility to ply people to their offices, colleges. And internet facilities and video conferencing too!

Your child has a Godparent in each resident of the commune.

We spoke to Mrs. Radha Vijayan (mother of student, V. Jaya Charanya), she said, 'It is by Baba's Grace that my daughter, despite being a dependent child, got admitted in this school. After joining the school, she is able to speak English and Tamil alphabets and numbers from 1 to 10. Her concentration and word power are improving. Persons in hostel, school and canteen take meticulous care of my child. My gratitude can never be expressed in words'.

It is pleasant to watch the children grow up in a school that nurtures their love for studies. Since the school is part of the commune described, the children retain the feeling of being amidst aunts, uncles and cousins who care for them; a blessing indeed for parents as this bridges the gap that is created by the present-day situation, where both parents need to work to earn a living and so, find it difficult to devote much time for their children. The living pattern of the commune inmates helps the school children from pining for the love of their parents. This prevents them from deviating from the normal path.

Among some of the letters that the school administration has in its records, here is one from
Mrs. S. Sasikala, Singapore (mother of student, Ganesh Kumar) 'I am seeing a lot of changes in Ganesh after he joined SushilHari School. He has improved a lot in his studies and in his interpersonal relationships. He told me the teachers are very supportive for his studies and he wants to continue his studies there only. I am very happy with his marks. One year at SushilHari has turned him into a vegetarian. He does not want to take any non-vegetarian food and this is what we had long wanted. Now, he is quiet and well-behaved.'

Children learn the dignity of labor, washing their own plates and keeping their places tidy; they also learn to respect elders. These form part of the moral education imparted to the children on a practical plane. And students, who have the need to fine-tune their learning skills, benefit immensely from the extra coaching classes conducted free of cost.

There is no dearth of religious activities at the commune. The commune houses Temples of all prime Hindu deities, Church for the Good Shepherd, a Mosque, Jain temple and a Buddha Vihar -- abode to a brass Buddha come all the way from Thailand. These impress upon the children that God manifests Himself in various forms, and so, children are able to rise above distinctions of caste and religion.

Here is the best of the East and the West; SushilHari School, pioneered by
Siddha Yogi Sri Siva Shankar Baba, is veritably the Gurukulam of the 21st century with Traditional Values and Progressive techniques..

Ganesh Pattabhiraman, USA (father of Santhosh, a special child in the KinderGarten class) has written 'I had put my son Santhosh in SushilHari two years ago. It is one of a kind. The ambience is divine! Rest assured the child will be under Baba's personal care. Apart from the regular curriculum, the kids learn Vedas, participate in cultural activities, get to listen to Baba's speech every day and take part in other community activities/services. What more can one ask for? Inculcating such values from a young age is impossible nowadays for any parent on his or her own. For sure, the school is assured of exponential growth. It is prudent to put our kids in SushilHari school early, if we want to avoid disappointments later'

Sri. Ram Kalia, noted educationist, declares, 'This place is a very happy unison of spirituality and materialism. Siva Shankar Baba is a karma yogi, a guide, spiritual guide and with divine powers in him. He has created a beautiful scenic wonderland which I am seeing for the 1st time in my life. I am so much overwhelmed with the beautiful surroundings, spiritual life and the best of all, shramdhan (charitable hard work), community living, community eating, the togetherness. The surroundings are clean, neat and beautiful. I am sure one day we will see students from this school, not just with materialistic bent of mind, but also fully grown up young men and women, in all respects, whom we can call real human beings.'

Adds the renowned Dr. M.S. Udayamurthy, 'I am very impressed by the atmosphere for learning from the volunteers who are experienced teachers. They have set up an ideal brain curriculum to values and creating the mind for children to learn'.

Here is everything that helps the child blossoms into an independent and confident individual.
SushilHari School has everything in it to help transcend your child from the state of being 'your child' to become the child of the nation, the future leader that the world is eagerly awaiting.

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