SushilHari International Residential School News – February 2007



Congrats (to Babs, actually!)

Well! When a child grows up in Samratchana, moulded directly by The Divine Sculptor Babs, he / she grows up as a well-groomed personality, an 'all-rounder' as they term in educational institutions.

Rotary Club, in association with Samratchana had conducted a two day workshop at Sree Ramarajya -- 'Rotary Youth Leadership Award' (RYLA) where students from different schools participated.  Students were awarded prizes for their performance in various events.  Needless to say, our SushilHari School children bagged many prizes.

Ramya Ramesh was awarded the trophy for the 'BEST GIRL RYLITE'.

If not Him, who else!
If not Samratchanites, who else!

When God Himself is the Guide..... Life is a wonderful journey!



Students from Standards II through IX had gone on an Educational Tour to the Egmore Museum. 






SushilHari Children participated in C.B.S.E Sahodaya School Cluster (South) Community singing.

Participants : Meha, Anagha, Divya, Aravind J Shankar, Sundari.

Co-ordinator : Sandhya.





Students of Standard XII are seen receiving their Board Examination Hall tickets from Baba's divine hands.








Students of SushiHari International Residential School performing a dance drama on Valentine's Day.


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