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Renunciation is neither accumulating anything nor abandoning anything. It is living the life that God has destined upon you with equanimity of mind, always fixing your mind on the lotus feet of the Lord. Spirituality is the subject that bestows that equanimity of mind.


Spirituality is not something that feeds your monetary desires, sets your health problems right or attends to psychological problems. Spirituality has been confused with materialism, psychology and medical science. Spirituality aims at conferring on you, an umbrella that will see you through the summers and winters of your life. This is the language of spirituality. This is the language Siva Shankar Baba speaks. A true Gnaani does not get disturbed by anything that happens in life.


If you are steadfast in your commitment to attain wisdom, then you will attain it. What you need to understand immediately and retain forever is that spirituality guides you to who you are, by imbibing this wisdom in you, by granting you equanimity of mind.

If your search is for Truth, then you will truly find it.

RY EiUVp EiUp A Pdm


Human beings are more comfortable with shortcut methods; so they seek the help of tantrics or astrologers. I am not blaming you; I know that this is what has been made out to you over the years as spirituality. What I want to clarify to you is that spirituality has nothing to do with this. It focuses on the Absolute Truth, the knowledge of what God is, and how to attain God who is within you. There is nothing called rich or poor or healthy or sick. Life is a big drama and all of us have a variety of roles to play.


If God is able to do good for you, will He not care for those beggars you meet in plenty at pilgrim centers? But He decides the right time. Each one to his experience and no experience is to be glorified or negated. Some persons like sweets, and some others relish hot food. Each one to his taste. Just accept everything as an experience. It is the projection of the mind that flashes objects on the screen. Once you switch off the projector, you do not see anything on the screen. The same is true of life too. Switch off your mind and become blank, you will reach a state of no-thoughts: Nirvana.


No person has been totally happy or absolutely sad. Learn to laugh at life without getting too much involved in it. It is this vehicle of human life that is transporting you to salvation. How can you distance yourself from it? Every one of us is destined to attain salvation, in various forms, in various ways and at various points in time, spanning across several eons. You are not what you presume yourself to be.

The answer (P ) for all your questions is HE (AYu) who is within (PVYu).

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