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How do we maintain our calm when people yell at us?

If someone yells at you, take it as the repayment of their debts to you - - balance carried over from the previous births. Praise and criticism are also dues that arise from karmic connections.

Secondly, such incidents tend to mellow you over the years, and at one stage, you will stop reacting to such outbursts and tantrums.

Clay goes through several phases of treatment in a furnace, before it secures a prominent place as a decorative and useful piece. So it is with you.

Gold is put in fire to melt, and as the heat increases, it starts glowing. And only then it becomes fit enough to be fashioned into ornaments. Only when you are thawed by the experiences of life, do you become mature enough to adorn God as His ornament. So, whatever happens is for good only.

It is quite all right if you do not get the recognition due to you, however much you aspire. Whatever happens, happens as God has decreed. Everything functions by His Master Plans. And God does everything perfectly; He is never wrong. None of His plans is irrelevant. It takes time and maturity of mind for you to understand His ways.